7th Louisana Infantry "B" Co.

Home of the "Baton Rouge Fencibles"     Those Bully-Boys from Baton Rouge!

A Mid-Atlantic based group portraying the "Baton Rouge Fencibles", a Confederate Louisiana infantry unit fighting with the Army of Northern Virginia from Manassas till Appomattox Courthouse.

7th Regiment, Louisiana Infantry " The Baton Rouge Fencibles"

     What are the Fencibles?
( During the American Revolution and the French Revolutionary Wars, military forces raised in the UK and in North America, where they were known as ‘the Royal Fencible Americans’. They were modelled on the regular army in organization, but, like the militia, were not liable for foreign service.)

     7th Infantry Regiment [ The Pelican Regiment] was organized in May, 1861, and entered Confederate service at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in June of that year. The men were from New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Donaldsonville, and Livingstone. Mostly of Irish immigrants and native Louisianans'..............

 Ordered to Virginia with more than 850 men, the unit served under General Jubal Early at First Manassas.

     Later it brigaded under R. Taylor, Hays, and York. It was prominent in Jackson's Valley Campaign and on many battles involving the Army of Northern Virginia.

       The 7th fought from the Seven Days' to Cold Harbor,Va. then with Jubal Early's operations in the Shenandoah Valley and then to the Appomattox Campaign. With 827 men at First Manassas, we had lost 132  at Cross Keys and Port Republic, and lost 68 during the Seven Days' Battles and 69 in the Maryland Campaign. The unit sustained 80 casualties at Chancellorsville and 24 at Second Winchester, lost twenty-four percent of the 235 engaged at Gettysburg, and had 180 captured at Rappahannock Station.

      It surrendered no officers and only 42 men. The field officers were Colonels Harry T. Hays and Davidson B. Penn, Lieutenant Colonels Charles DeChoiseul and Thomas M. Terry, and Major J. Moore Wilson.